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Let's Talk Music + Lauren Trahan

On August 26th, InfiniD Music will be hosting our first ever networking event created specifically for the Austin music scene. We know first-hand that getting your foot in the door can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming, and we created a space for passionate artists and entrepreneurs to come together to discuss navigating such a dense and competitive business. When picking our team of key note speakers, we wanted to reflect this goal, and choose individuals who are all about navigating the business while staying authentic and bringing others up alongside them. We are a community of passionate individuals, our leaders should reflect this passion too!

Introducing Lauren Trahan, the first speaker at our Let's Talk Music event! Lauren is the founder of Paper Moon Entertainment, collaborator in Austin's Very Own, and boss babe of the Austin RnB/Hip-Hop scene. At events (that she very often is hosting!), you can find her mingling with poise and a day-brightening charm. She runs her own management company, Paper Moon Entertainment with authenticity and drive, a combination that only comes around once in a Paper Moon (hah!). 

With such a rich history in the industry, it's no wonder that Lauren has such a broad skill set. Right after graduating from the University of Texas (hook-em!), Lauren worked as day-to-day manager for Bruce Robison, a country singer/songwriter that she described as "one of those people who just has a million amazing ideas." With Robison, Lauren worked in every aspect of the business, from event promotion to mechanical licensing. Over the years, Lauren developed a unique combination of skills, and discovered that she has a knack for management.  

Being a manager is like starting a business over and over again with each product you put out, each brand realignment, each artist you work with.

One of my favorite parts about Lauren is her passion for people. In her collaboration with Nina Ho of Collective Blue, Lauren brings art and hip-hop together for a one-of-a-kind series called Austin's Very Own. These showcases provide a space for authentic musicians, bringing people and good music together! 

My favorite part about what I do is the people. I get to meet and collaborate and support and work with some of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. There’s something thrilling about being around seemingly endless passion and the community continues to inspire me every day.

Although Lauren has experienced some business-relationship mishaps in the past, she hasn't failed to learn from them. After a false start business attempt a few years back, Lauren hit the ground running and launched Paper Moon Entertainment. Today, Paper Moon manages local favorites like Huggy and the Feel Goodz and Shanzyan.

 Photo by: Nina Ho of Collective Blue

Photo by: Nina Ho of Collective Blue

Everything I do now is rooted in making sure everyone gets paid or has some value exchange that is well worthwhile... I want to give back to the community I love so much and genuinely help the people working in it to further their careers and get closer to their dreams.

Come check out our Let's Talk Music event on August 26th to hear more about Lauren's amazing story. She will be discussing more about her path to creating Paper Moon, and what managers like herself look for in DIY musicians. There will also be a Q&A component to the evening so bring as many questions as you have! This is an opportunity for honest collaboration and fostering this rich community. We can't wait to see you there!

New To The Team: Maddie Socha

Hello InfiniD Music Fans!

I hope you all are having a productive and kick-ass week! My name is Maddie Socha, and I am taking over InfiniD's social media, event planning, and general creative persona. Let me just say that I am pumped #af to be able to work with this fantastic company. Dashon and Thomas are both passionate and talented guys, and I know that we are going to bring some fun and exciting projects to you all in the future! 

 Photo Cred: Nick Hage

Photo Cred: Nick Hage

A bit about me: I am a UT student, musician (Socha), and avid event planner. I worked with InfiniD this past year to produce my debut EP, and ever since then, we've been a dream team! In the next few weeks, I am going to be bringing a lot of fun, new content to you guys, and I can't wait!!

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please feel free to fill out the contact form and send us a line! I'd love to hear from you. Excited for the future!

Much love,


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Socha Fest Is Coming

So much has happened over the course of the past several months, but a lot of it has been leading to this. Socha Fest!! For about 9 months we have been working with Socha in producing her first EP, Not My Body. It will be available for purchase and streaming January 19th!! This is music and an event that you do not want to miss! For you Austinites that are big on DO512, here is the link so you can have all the information you desire!

Big move coming! Also, here's how YouTube and Google deal with piracy.

We. Are. Moving! It is official, InfiniD will be moving to a more centralized location during the week of August 14th in North Campus on Northloop.  A lot of artists and musicians that we work with are located around the downtown area as well as UT campus, so we wanted to develop a creative space closer to them! After recording bands and ensemble projects out of a sound proof room at the Butler School of Music at UT, to recording vocals in a studio set up at Thomas' apartment in North Campus, it's nice to finally have a space where we can do it all under one roof. So now that everyone is updated about that, here's an interesting tid bit about how YouTube fights piracy.

YouTube encourages the world to broadcast, and create videos. Millions of "YouTubers" earn revenue from their videos through the YouTube Partner Program, and the number of channels earning revenue of more than $100,000 per year is up 50% year after year. YouTube has paid over $3 billion to the music industry, and the Content ID system on YouTube—which identifies user-uploaded videos to help rightsholders better control their content—has generated over $2 billion for partners since it first launched. Allow me to better explain what Content ID is. 

YouTube has invested more than $60 million in Content ID, a proprietary system of copyright and content management tools to give rightsholders control of their content on YouTube. With this system, videos that are uploaded to YouTube are matched against a database which contains files submitted to YouTube by copyright owners, whom also set the rules and regulations for when content is matched by Content ID that include blocking content.y "To date, more than 8,000 rightsholders have used Content ID to manage their content on YouTube, with well over 90% choosing to monetize videos containing their copyrighted material. These partners include network broadcasters, movie studios, songwriters, and record labels. The music industry, for example, chooses to monetize over 95% of sound recording claims. Our continued investments in Content ID have resulted in ongoing improvements to its function—from its inception as an audio-only detection system, it has grown to detect video and can now even detect melodies, helping further stymie bad actors’ efforts to fool the system." Content ID also plays a part in what makes YouTube work for "YouTubers"; the most influential parts of the music ecosystem being tributes, remixes, and concert shorts. Creators use copyrighted content to share their favorite music which also generates revenue. In fact, the music industry generates 50% of its revenue on YouTube from monetizing fan uploads.

Google updated an article called "How Google Fights Piracy", which highlighted their efforts with eliminating online infringement, which included connecting consumers to legit sources such as Google Play and YouTube. "Google also speaks with pride that, with its search engine, ‘the vast majority of media-related queries that users submit every day return results that include only links to legitimate sites’."

“YouTube alone… has now generated over $2 billion to rightsholders across industries through its industry-leading rights management system, Content ID,” now just how much of that $2 billion that made it to the music business still isn't clear, but Google stated that YouTube alone has paid out $3 billion to music rights-holders. Unfortunately, some publishers and record companies believe that 20-40% of their recordings go unidentified by Content ID, and that Google still directs users to unlicensed music on a very large scale. About 300 million notices have been sent to Google in order to address the issues. Despite these warnings, typical music search inquiries have increased since Google implemented their strategies to reduce piracy. 

"So, to recap: Google says that Content ID is responsible for half the revenue from YouTube that goes to music rights-holders – which, according to estimates, hit $740m in total last year.It also says that Content ID alone has generated $2bn for rights-holders across industries, including music.Yet major music rights-holders say that Content ID is failing to identify around a third of their recordings on YouTube, which presumably then remain unmonetised."

The fun continues.

*Information acquired from Music Business Worldwide


Maddie Socha Sessions

We really enjoyed one of the many sessions with Maddie Soch for her EP! There will be more to come so be on the look out for Maddi! She is awesome and so is her music! We had the privilege of working with Livvy Bennet and Michael Hunter who are fantastic players, so catch up with them as well!

The New Look of InfiniD Music

Nicholas Osella, our designer, marketing consultant, and great friend created the InfiniD Music Logo that we have had since we started. After some thought and a long creative process, he came to us with a new idea and a new look. We are InfiniD...welcome to music.

Check out this write up about how the new INFINID came to be.

Taylor and The Wild Now

I could never forget about the smooth indie sounds of Taylor and The Wild Now. Fortunately, they are around Austin on a regular basis and will be playing at Stubb's this Thursday, April 14th for their EP Release!! Check them out if you get the chance! I absolutely love the feel of their ocean like music! Imagine you are on a beach...warm white sand..crystal clear water..then you hear this angelic voice floating around in the air. The sound of drums and bass peak through, locked in to this tight groove, and the guitarist lays down this light but complex rhythm right on top of it. Their music is subtle, grooving, and fun, yet with the help of some shreds from their guitarist, Drew Walker, they let you know that they can rock the house as well as ease your worries away! The band consists of Taylor Baker on vocals, Drew Walker on guitar, Wes Maxwell also on guitar, (most recently) Zeke Levine on bass, and Michael Gonzales on drums. One of my favorite songs of theirs is "Far Away." It definitely takes me to a happy place every time I hear it! Aside from their original music, they occasionally play this cover of "No Diggity" by Blackstreet that is just so jammin' and it always has the crowd going crazy. Keep up with InfiniD Music for updates on when and where they play, and go like The Wild Now on Facebook and Instagram!

The Emily Wolfe SXSW Experience

So…yea Emily Wolfe rocked my world at South by South West this year! If it was appropriate for me to put the emoji face with the big eyes and blank-blushing stare on here, I would just fill this review with a billion of those rather than try to explain in words what words can’t fully express. Just. Go. Listen. Go see her play. If you like rock music..heck if you like music in general, Emily Wolfe embodies everything that you can appreciate with any type of music. This woman can shred, she can groove, she can entertain, and she has this captivating voice that can really only be described as “hard-rocking angel.” There are rock bands that give you the pretty generic rock feel, and kind of fake their way through musicianship, but Emily Wolfe’s band is one of the very few that takes the bar and raises it far beyond their competition. It was a true pleasure having my ears blessed with the tastiness that they play with. On the drums was Michael Gonzales, who as you can tell by now, plays for a couple of bands. On bass was Drew Walker, and leading with guitar and vocals was (you guessed it) Emily Wolfe. I believe they have a couple of other stellar musicians play for them, but this South by, it was just a three piece which was clearly all they needed. With this South by showing, Emily Wolfe has pretty much sealed the deal with success and is rapidly on the rise. This is a band you MUST SEE! Here is a link to a mini interview and live performance of an awesome song of hers called “Atta Blues.”

Magna Carda SXSW 2016

As it always is, South by South West was insane. Between power walking the length of Downtown Austin, 9am band load ins, 2am band load outs, vast amounts of drunk people, and even gunshots, it was tough to make it out to see the bands and artists that you wanted to see. Fortunately for me, I got the chance to hang out and promote some of the best bands you could possibly get to see. One of those bands was Magna Carda (yes with a “d” not a “t”). This is a hip hop group that fuses rap with funk, r&b, rock, and chilled out trap. A good portion of you that read this have heard of them, and if you didn’t get to see them at South by this year, you really missed out.

They absolutely killed Led by the smooth rhymes of Megz Kelli, Magna Carda has made the number 2 spot for top Austin, TX hip-hop acts. The other members include Dougie Do on keys, Eric Nickolaides on guitar, Derek Van Wagner on bass, and Michael Gonzales on drums. I couldn’t help but rock (with the scrunched up “that was dirty” face) to their music. Magna Carda goes on tour around the U.S. very soon, so if they are in your area, they will be worth what ever trouble you have to go through to get to their show! One of my favorite songs of theirs is called “Juice.” Check it out here!

Missio's Pre-SXSW Show

I do not have enough great things to say about Missio! If you haven’t heard of them, please go check them out! It is very Indie..very electronic..very hip hop..very good! The beats move you, and the lyrics keep you together. They are playing this week at SXSW so go look for them and be amazed. This is a pretty fresh group. I think this will be their second round of SXSW performances.

Check out their site!

Daniel Sahad: Love & War

If you haven’t heard already, Daniel Sahad’s album Love & War is out and taking on America. The album easily landed in the Top 100 for alternative music on iTunes, and has caught the attention of many big names and labels in the industry! We are excited to have been a part of Daniel’s journey, and fortunate that he asked as to record, mix, and master his work.

 Daniel Sahad

Daniel Sahad

The first time we met Daniel was at an Ensemble 109 rehearsal. (Ensemble 109 is a dynamic pop singing ensemble at the University of Texas that is run by Grammy-Nominated music producer Gary Powell. This group bleeds into Gary’s personal singing company, ELESVEE.) At this 109 rehearsal, Daniel approached me after hearing that Thomas Cardwell and I produce music. All he had was a catalogue of instrumentals, but he took me to the side, and sang to me over these sweet grooves. I was completely sold. I had a feeling that people would enjoy what this guy had to offer. His music speaks for so many struggles that everyone can relate to, so GO CHECK IT OUT! And then come on over to InfiniD Music and record your next album or EP!

 Daniel Sahad's debut album, Love & War

Daniel Sahad's debut album, Love & War

New Updates


InfiniD Music is alive and well! We just became InfiniD Music LLC under the state of Texas! We apologize for being under the books for a while. We are excited to update you on what has been happening with us.

We are still working with Daniel Sahad. We pushed back the release date of his album Love & War so that we can give it the personal care that it needed. It is exciting to say that he will be able to release his album within a week or so! As well as working with Daniel, we have started a project with Dr. Mary Robbins who is a pianist and a teacher. She wants to make a video series over Mozart! More content and information will come out shortly.

On a side note Thomas and I are going to begin putting out our own music. Get ready for a great holiday season and be on the look out for more from us here at InfiniD Music!

Jenna Wright Compositions

These past two weeks we have been working hard with Jenna Wright, a composer from the University of Texas. She is a percussionist at the school of music and writes a wide range of music including percussion ensembles, full band pieces, film scores, etc. It was really fun getting to work with her, and this might be the start of a great partnership. We are now her official “go-to” production company. We recorded for a film score she is working on, and her graduate school composition portfolio. Graduate school, here she comes!

The Daily Texan: Student Run Record Labels Break Into The Music Industry

We are so excited to be featured in The Daily Texan along with another record label that is on the rise, Avenue F. It is great to know that we are on the rise to be a power house in Austin. It is time for Austin to have it’s own home grown music scene rather than it just coming from outside. Don’t get me wrong, Austin still is the music capitol of the world, but I am proud to say that our company will be a start of something new and big in Austin. Self-produced and recognized artists, bands, and composers from Austin! Check out this awesome article about it!

Ensemble 109 Showsolo

Thomas and I got the privilege of producing a show for Gary Powell, our production professor. The show was great! There were two shows, one at 7pm and one at 9pm. I felt like I was  on vacation! Being around such talented singers and musicians is definitely what I want to do with my life. Here are some highlights.