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The Emily Wolfe SXSW Experience

So…yea Emily Wolfe rocked my world at South by South West this year! If it was appropriate for me to put the emoji face with the big eyes and blank-blushing stare on here, I would just fill this review with a billion of those rather than try to explain in words what words can’t fully express. Just. Go. Listen. Go see her play. If you like rock music..heck if you like music in general, Emily Wolfe embodies everything that you can appreciate with any type of music. This woman can shred, she can groove, she can entertain, and she has this captivating voice that can really only be described as “hard-rocking angel.” There are rock bands that give you the pretty generic rock feel, and kind of fake their way through musicianship, but Emily Wolfe’s band is one of the very few that takes the bar and raises it far beyond their competition. It was a true pleasure having my ears blessed with the tastiness that they play with. On the drums was Michael Gonzales, who as you can tell by now, plays for a couple of bands. On bass was Drew Walker, and leading with guitar and vocals was (you guessed it) Emily Wolfe. I believe they have a couple of other stellar musicians play for them, but this South by, it was just a three piece which was clearly all they needed. With this South by showing, Emily Wolfe has pretty much sealed the deal with success and is rapidly on the rise. This is a band you MUST SEE! Here is a link to a mini interview and live performance of an awesome song of hers called “Atta Blues.”