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Taylor and The Wild Now

I could never forget about the smooth indie sounds of Taylor and The Wild Now. Fortunately, they are around Austin on a regular basis and will be playing at Stubb's this Thursday, April 14th for their EP Release!! Check them out if you get the chance! I absolutely love the feel of their ocean like music! Imagine you are on a beach...warm white sand..crystal clear water..then you hear this angelic voice floating around in the air. The sound of drums and bass peak through, locked in to this tight groove, and the guitarist lays down this light but complex rhythm right on top of it. Their music is subtle, grooving, and fun, yet with the help of some shreds from their guitarist, Drew Walker, they let you know that they can rock the house as well as ease your worries away! The band consists of Taylor Baker on vocals, Drew Walker on guitar, Wes Maxwell also on guitar, (most recently) Zeke Levine on bass, and Michael Gonzales on drums. One of my favorite songs of theirs is "Far Away." It definitely takes me to a happy place every time I hear it! Aside from their original music, they occasionally play this cover of "No Diggity" by Blackstreet that is just so jammin' and it always has the crowd going crazy. Keep up with InfiniD Music for updates on when and where they play, and go like The Wild Now on Facebook and Instagram!