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Let's Talk Music + Lauren Trahan

On August 26th, InfiniD Music will be hosting our first ever networking event created specifically for the Austin music scene. We know first-hand that getting your foot in the door can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming, and we created a space for passionate artists and entrepreneurs to come together to discuss navigating such a dense and competitive business. When picking our team of key note speakers, we wanted to reflect this goal, and choose individuals who are all about navigating the business while staying authentic and bringing others up alongside them. We are a community of passionate individuals, our leaders should reflect this passion too!

Introducing Lauren Trahan, the first speaker at our Let's Talk Music event! Lauren is the founder of Paper Moon Entertainment, collaborator in Austin's Very Own, and boss babe of the Austin RnB/Hip-Hop scene. At events (that she very often is hosting!), you can find her mingling with poise and a day-brightening charm. She runs her own management company, Paper Moon Entertainment with authenticity and drive, a combination that only comes around once in a Paper Moon (hah!). 

With such a rich history in the industry, it's no wonder that Lauren has such a broad skill set. Right after graduating from the University of Texas (hook-em!), Lauren worked as day-to-day manager for Bruce Robison, a country singer/songwriter that she described as "one of those people who just has a million amazing ideas." With Robison, Lauren worked in every aspect of the business, from event promotion to mechanical licensing. Over the years, Lauren developed a unique combination of skills, and discovered that she has a knack for management.  

Being a manager is like starting a business over and over again with each product you put out, each brand realignment, each artist you work with.

One of my favorite parts about Lauren is her passion for people. In her collaboration with Nina Ho of Collective Blue, Lauren brings art and hip-hop together for a one-of-a-kind series called Austin's Very Own. These showcases provide a space for authentic musicians, bringing people and good music together! 

My favorite part about what I do is the people. I get to meet and collaborate and support and work with some of the most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. There’s something thrilling about being around seemingly endless passion and the community continues to inspire me every day.

Although Lauren has experienced some business-relationship mishaps in the past, she hasn't failed to learn from them. After a false start business attempt a few years back, Lauren hit the ground running and launched Paper Moon Entertainment. Today, Paper Moon manages local favorites like Huggy and the Feel Goodz and Shanzyan.

 Photo by: Nina Ho of Collective Blue

Photo by: Nina Ho of Collective Blue

Everything I do now is rooted in making sure everyone gets paid or has some value exchange that is well worthwhile... I want to give back to the community I love so much and genuinely help the people working in it to further their careers and get closer to their dreams.

Come check out our Let's Talk Music event on August 26th to hear more about Lauren's amazing story. She will be discussing more about her path to creating Paper Moon, and what managers like herself look for in DIY musicians. There will also be a Q&A component to the evening so bring as many questions as you have! This is an opportunity for honest collaboration and fostering this rich community. We can't wait to see you there!